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Smart Phone App Helps Manage Gift Cards

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Gift cards are one of the most common Christmas gifts to receive. If you receive too many, they're easy to lose or forget to use.

Two billion dollars worth of gifts card will go unused this year alone.

There are new apps out right now that are making shoppers lives a little bit easier. Including "Gyft" an app that allows you to store your gift card information in your smart phone. The idea is simple you have gift cards, you can still get the cash but you don't need the plastic.

Most shoppers never even heard of apps that could do this. Elizabeth Bailey is a shopper that's had some issues shopping with gift cards in the past.

"Even more so annoying, the first trip to Marshall's the gift card was in the car," said Bailey. "I might have purchased had it not been in the car."

Other shoppers said when there's a balance left on the card they just add clutter to their pocket books

"There's only a couple of dollars on them and I just keep them and it's annoying carrying them in my wallet," said Darian Turner, a shopper who often receives gift cards. "So I usually just keep them at home."

The "Gyft" app allows you to download it on any smart phone and type in the serial number of your gift card. Once your gift cards are stored you just scan the barcode at the cash register.

You can also send and receive gift cards phone to phone through this app.

But there are some things that you should look out for when downloading apps like this.

"As long as it's password protected, that would be my concern," said Ryan Graban, the store manager of U.S. Cellular in the Morgantown Mall. "If it didn't have a password and you left your phone out somewhere someone could have access to all your gift cards and use them without a problem. I believe the app has a security measure so if you do get the app make sure you have one that has a pass code."

Some of these apps are not tablet compatible so you should also be prepared to have it downloaded to your phone.

"I just think that's really cool that they made that app," said Turner. "I would definitely download it."

Bailey downloaded the app in the mall and planned to use it later in the day.

"I think I will do that as soon as we finish up honestly," said Bailey.

Most of the apps are still having Christmas discounts. But if you still need a smart phone to download the app US Cellular is having sales running until January 1st.

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