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Restaurant Road Trip: Pioneer Grille

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As you drive into Glenville from Interstate 79, it's hard to miss the Pioneer Grille, sitting just outside the city limits. It's at the center of a diverse group of people, all of whom come by the restaurant from time to time, something that manager Brian Kennedy thinks that's most enjoyable.

"We get a wide variety of people. We get people from out in the county, we get college kids, we get professors, we get people coming her who work in the oil and gas field," Kennedy said.

While the environment at the Pioneer Grille is something that sets it apart, the food only adds to the attraction. From simple fare like a cheeseburger to far less common dishes like Tuna Gorgonzola, patrons at the restaurant find something that each of them can enjoy.

"You won't see that in any other restaurants in this area for sure. And you're getting high quality food here, and you have the opportunity to go to a nice bar and lounge and they have outside concerts on the back deck which is very nice, too," said Mark Goudy of Parkersburg.

The Pioneer Grille has big plans for the future too. Kennedy said he'd like to expand the business to includes catering and parties and see the concerts and events continue as well. But for now, Goudy and his dining companion, Connie Spada, are happy to have a place where they can meet for some of their favorite food.

"Definitely the tuna loin, and it comes with asparagus if you want it. It's the only restaurant I've ever been to that serves asparagus," Spada said.

"I tell you what, their filet mignon is really really good, wrapped in bacon, you can't go wrong with that either," Goudy said.

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