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Keep Your 'Get Fit' Resolution With Racquetball

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Keeping a ‘get fit,' or, ‘lose weight' New Year's resolution is tough, especially when you don't enjoy a traditional workout. But staying in shape doesn't have to be about running on a treadmill or buying an expensive Stairmaster. In part four of our series, we look at how an indoor racket sport like racquetball can be your fitness answer.

"Racquetball offers a lot of things: you get good cardio, running around constantly moving back and forth, actually you never stop moving.  Hand-eye coordination, agility, you have to move laterally, forward and backward, so it offers a lot," said Harrison County YMCA trainer Melissa Romano.

Since the first United States racquetball association was founded in 1968, the sport and equipment have changed a bit.  One thing that has stayed the same is the physical demand the sport requires.

"It's just a constant motion workout, where you're going back and forth, and back and forth," said Vincent Vespont a beginner racquetball player.

Vespoint is new to the sport, and now understands why the Livestrong Foundation said players can run up to two miles during a single match.

"I was kind of nervous, I felt weird doing it at first, but once I started sweating, and feeling the burn I really liked it and really enjoyed it," he said.

And enjoying your workout is key.

"If you do something, find something that's fun that you really enjoy, you're going to come in here every day.  It really benefits you, because if you're not bored, you're more apt to come and play. Especially a sport like this that you play with friends, by yourself, you can get a group together, you're definitely going to come," said Romano.

Not knowing a player isn't usually a problem. Many racquetball courts are full of players eager to compete.

"People are very serious about this sport," said Romano. "I know sometimes I catch some people in here, and if you watch for a few minutes you would get a good groundwork of how you would play, everyone is very serious but are really helpful too."

To learn how to play stop by your nearest court, or visit the US Racquetball's web site.

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