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Local Churches Host Community Christmas Dinner

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Some people don't have anywhere to go on Christmas, but lucky for them, nine local churches came together at the United Methodist Church in Clarksburg to prepare the Community Christmas Dinner.

The dinner isn't easy to prepare, as it takes around 500 volunteers to get it ready and served.  It's a team effort all-around.

"We have volunteers from seven denominations, nine churches who bake the turkeys, bring the turkeys to a collecting point, and we get them ready. The Presbyterian Church cooks all the mashed potatoes, all the dressing" said Bill Nichols, the co-coordinator of the dinner.

The volunteers prepared 2,200 meals for community members. They had the option of eating at the church, taking meals out, or getting meals delivered to them. Community members appreciate the opportunity to come out and enjoy the traditional Christmas meal.

"I think it's good, you know, some people don't even have a Christmas, or nowhere to go on Christmas, they come here to eat" said Clarksburg resident Brenda Blair.

This year 130 turkeys were donated, along with monetary donations to buy the rest. Nichols said all of the money goes toward the meal.

"Any dime you give to this event is used to buy food. There is not a penny ever spent for administrative, 100 percent of your donation goes to the food" Nichols said.

Residents attending the dinner not only got food, they had some entertainment from Janice McMurdo, who has been providing the music for the last 19 years.

The dinner has been going on for 22 years, and Nichols has been involved for 21 of them. He said the feeling of helping someone is the best part.

"It's a beautiful group effort, and what you get out of it is a ‘warm fuzzy.' Knowing that you helped somebody, knowing you made a difference," said Nichols.

The dinner ran from noon to 2 p.m. and featured a steady crowd of people.

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