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Salvation Army Serves Christmas Dinner to Less Fortunate

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The Salvation Army has been helping the less fortunate for more than 100 years. Around the holidays, they do as much as they can to make sure the community has a place that they can feel at home.

The Salvation Army in Morgantown holds a Christmas dinner each Christmas Eve. It invites the community to come in and have a Christmas dinner on them.

Around 15 volunteers came out to serve a Christmas dinner to the less fortunate in Morgantown. Glenn Gallagher is a volunteer and is happy to help.

"I've been a client here a number of times here and it's only fit and proper that I give back," Gallagher said.

Gallagher wasn't the only one excited to be a part of the meal. Joshua Forrest came to enjoy the food and company on Christmas Eve.

"It's actually pretty good. I enjoy coming here," said Forrest, a client at the Salvation Army. "Came to just have fun with Salvation Army. Eating some good, delicious food, fellowshipping with the rest of my friends here. It's just, I just love it here."

Volunteers at the Salvation Army came early Monday morning to start preparing the meal. They made green beans, ham, pumpkin pie and all the essentials of a Christmas dinner.

"Well, for one thing it's neat. We have a lot of homeless in Morgantown and they're under staffed here at Salvation Army. I have a little time on my hands before I go back to school so that's why I'm volunteering."

"A lot of them, this will be the only thing they get for Christmas," said Mary Dunn, the cook at the Salvation Army and organizer of the Christmas dinner. "There's several places they can go and sometimes these people close and they don't do anything. So, they call us and ask us if we're going to do it and I said, "Yes. Because I love these people.'"

The Salvation Army is located at 1224 University Avenue in Morgantown. They service Marion, Monongalia and Preston Counties.

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