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Preston County Travel Conditions

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Traveling conditions could be dangerous Friday night as snow continues to fall across much of Preston County.

"Conditions probably will deteriorate on the roads," said Clark Nicklow of the Office of Emergency Management, discussing Friday night's weather. "We're expecting snow to pick up, higher winds, 20 to 25 miles-per-hour blowing drifting snow, so visibility is going to be drastically reduced."

Friday morning conditions were already rough though.

In some areas like Terra Alta, visibility was low as wind whipped across fields, and residents across the county were not warm on road conditions either.

"Terrible, terrible," said Irene Reckert.

"Winter has finally arrived, and the roads aren't in too bad of shape right presently, but from the looks of things they might get a little worse later in the day," said resident Randy Martin.

The Preston County Office of Emergency managements stresses that drivers should take their time Friday night.

Blankets, bottles of water, and a full tank of gas are always a good idea to have when traveling.

"Prepare yourself a bit, in any situation, no matter if it's a 4th of July, or a Christmas trip, you should have some information and be ready to be stranded," said Nicklow. "The only difference between now and any other time is visibility, and you're going to be cold and snow, just be prepared for those main things."

If your vehicle does break down or you do get stuck in the snow the National Safety Council recommends staying with the vehicle.

If the exhaust is not blocked by snow or ice, it is safe to stay inside it while it is running. If not, clear snow away from the tailpipe to avoid potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

NSC said you can run a heater for several minutes, but not to use it more than 10 minutes at a time to conserve fuel. It also recommends keeping a window cracked open.

"The main thing is again, if you don't have to travel, don't," said Nicklow. "If conditions deteriorate today as they're expecting, than visibility is going to be low, than stay home and start your travels tomorrow when the conditions start improving."

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