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Area Stores Prepare For Big Day Of Returns

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It seems like yesterday when people were lined up outside stores, ready to begin their holiday shopping.

Now stores are preparing for another big day of the year.

This day of shopping includes gift cards, big deals, and a lot of returns.

Every store has its own way of preparing for December 26 shoppers.

"Guest Service is very busy so that day we do have either five to six team members just scheduled right there for Guest Service that day," said Target Manager Colman Munoz.

Kohl's takes the same approach.

"We beef up our staff at our customer service desk to handle that influx of returns that day," said Kohl's Store Manager Chris Blythe.

The day consists of long lines at customer service, sales on merchandise, and customers using newly received gift cards.

"The majority of our gift cards obviously are sold over the holidays right now and they all want to come spend it," Munoz said. "So if the kids are getting gift cards they are going to want to come in and get a hot toy that week. So we want to make sure we have the in-stocks for that as well."

It's a day, however, some customers want absolutely nothing to do with.

"We stay away from that," said shopper Jesse Carter. "On account of the crowds. I don't like the push and shove and there is always time to return the gifts that's unwanted."

For others, it's just as thrilling as Black Friday.

"Yes! We like the deals. We like the after-Christmas 50 percent off," said Meadowbrook Mall Shopper Perry Ayoob.

Still, others said they haven't given the day any thought at all.

"I never thought about it about going the day after," said Kohl's shopper Donna Struss.

Her daughter, Jessica, agrees.

"I just always wait I guess. I always think the deals get better because they want to get rid of that stuff so they mark it down to like 80," she said.

Some store managers have advice for those shoppers searching for the deals, returning gifts, or using gift cards.

"Come early or come late," Blythe said. "That's when it's the quietest in the buildings and you can shop."

Store managers said if you're planning to come out and shop on December 26, it's best to come out early.

Some stores, like Kohl's for instance, are opening their doors at 5 a.m. or 6 a.m.

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