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Keep Your 'Get Fit' Resolution With Adult Sports Leagues

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According to WebMD, nearly half of New Year's resolutions are based on fitness or weight loss, but keeping those plans can be frustrating for those who do not enjoy regular gym workouts.

For those who anguish at the idea of hitting the gym, the good news is there are other options. This winter we showed you how martial arts and skating can be a fun and exciting way to stay active. This week we discuss how playing in an adult sports league is a great way to stay in shape and relive your glory days.

"When my children started to play soccer, I realized that there was no reason they should be having all the fun. So I started playing again, and I got my friends to play again," said Jamie Toro who plays with on a team with friends and co-workers.

By day, Dr. Jamie Toro is a West Virginia University professor in the department of Geology, by night, he plays soccer with colleagues in an adult league at Pro Performance Rx in Morgantown.

"It's mostly just fun. It gets people together, and it does help you stay fit. It's fun, it's good," said Toro.

A recreation sport like soccer can be an ideal way to stay in shape.

"The good thing about it is your getting around, getting a workout, it's not like you have to just get on a treadmill, and go 20 minutes looking at the wall, or something like that. Here you get around, change direction and before you know it you've run two-miles," said the league director Kernell Borneo.

Physically demanding, soccer can be the ideal cardio workout that's good for strength as well, but you may have too much fun to notice.

"That's the good thing about soccer. You're getting the workout in without even knowing you're doing a workout," said Borneo.

Pro Performance in Morgantown offers four soccer leagues, a premier league, an over 30 league, co-ed league, and a non-competitive league.

Borneo said playing in the league allows him to relive the days he ruled on the pitch.

"It's awesome," said Borneo. "It's a good opportunity to get out, and continue to play. I played here at WVU so this league enables me to continue to play, and keep in shape a little bit."

Pro Performance several recreation sports leagues for adults. For more information contact the gym at 304-983-7761.

Local gyms like YMCAs are also great places to look. The Harrison County YMCA offers adult dodgeball and basketball. You can call them at 304-623-3303 or 304-842-6904.

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