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Monongalia County Schools to Review Safety Protocols

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The Monongalia County Board of Education said it's reviewing safety protocols following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The board held its first board meeting since the incident Tuesday morning.

Superintendent Frank Devono said they are working with staff and safety consultants to review protocols.

Devono said keeping the school a welcoming environment and safe is a balancing act.

However, Superintendent Frank Devono said the school system is reviewing emergency protocols.

Devono said new ideas will be discussed since many of its plans are similar to those used at Sandy Hook.

"We're once again trying to put this in the forefront," Devono said. "Trying to make sure everybody aware, we want to go over protocols in relation to when people hear something suspicious, to immediately go in and lock their doors and try to barricade in some way. We want to be proactive in all of this because one life is just too precious to lose."

"You want it to be a bright happy place," Devono continued. "You want it to be an area of learning. So, how do you balance those two things? Where you want it to be open and free, and have the availability for the public to be able to use the facility, in the same token still be able to try to monitor those. So, we're still trying to get that balancing act, and that's been tough for us to follow."

Devono said the schools are phasing in "intruder locks" to allow teachers to secure classrooms from the inside, rather than using a key on the outside of classroom doors.

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