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UPDATE: Webster County BOE Postpones Public Hearings

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Diana Elementary School in Webster County is safe for a few more months.

On Tuesday afternoon, Superintendent Martha Dean said the Board of Education has decided to postpone the upcoming public hearings while it makes corrections to the closing documents.

After the closing documents are ready, the school closing will be back on the table.

Dean said that she expects the documents to be ready in a couple of months.

Original Story:

Last month, Webster County Superintendent Martha Dean recommended that the Board of Education close Diana Elementary School and send its students to Webster Springs.

The board met with the public Monday evening to hear what it thinks. Many residents disagree with the proposal.

"They're looking to close the school in order to save money, however, everything we look at shows that the school is actually putting money back into the Webster County system," said resident Lacosta Westfall.

Residents, parents, and even Diana Elementary students got the chance to address the board to try to convince members to vote against the closing. Westfall's main concern is the distance to the other school.

"It means that so many children will be away from their parents, even further. And we have some people that work, like myself, out of the area, that drive 50 miles… and that puts their children another 11 miles away" Westfall said.

When it comes to the topic of distance, last Friday's school shooting in Connecticut seemed to be on the residents' minds.

"In the wake of what happened this weekend, in Connecticut, our parents only want their kids to be closer. They don't want them further away" said Westfall.

Superintendent Dean said the change will not only save the county money, but it will be beneficial for the children.

"Students here at Diana have two grades in one classroom. At Webster Springs, there would only be one grade in each classroom, plus there would be content specialists that could teach some special subjects" Dean said.

More than 20 people addressed the board at the hearing. The Board of Education will decide the fate of Diana Elementary on Friday, December 28.


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