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Experts: Be Smart About Pet Adoption During Holiday Season

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Many people with pets will tell you they love having an animal friend at home. But you should be sure that you're ready to have a pet in your home, too.

With the holidays drawing near, pets like these want a good home as much as some people want to provide one. But before you take the plunge for that dog, cat, or any other animal, Animal Friends of Barbour County said it's important to consider a few things first.

"What size home do you have, so you can look at what size pet do you need? Do you want something that's a little self-caring, like a cat? Or do you need something really hands-on like a dog?" said Carol McDaniel, who coordinates dog adoptions for the shelter.

Once you have that sorted out, McDaniel said you should think about what you can provide for a pet once your furry friend has made it to its new home.

"Where am I going to keep it? Where is it going to sleep? Does it have enough area to play and to roam? Where is it going to stay? What vet are you going to use?" asked McDaniel.

McDaniel said puppies and kittens are always popular choices on the whim during the holiday season, but she cautions anyone who buys one to remember that those animals are going to grow, which is something their humans may forget.

"They don't think so much about the long term. They don't think about, oh yeah, they have to go to the vet every month, and oh, when they get sick, they have to go to the vet, and it's expensive to go to the vet. So they really need to be cautious and look at the long term of it," said McDaniel.

McDaniel said Animal Friends will take pets back in some circumstances, but that their main goal is to provide pets with a great forever home once they leave the shelter.

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