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Professionals Provide Tips To 'Winterize' Vehicles

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Superstorm Sandy forced West Virginians to get a taste of the winter weather a couple months early.

While the winter has since been mild, it's only a matter of time before snow, sleet, and ice are once again covering our roads.

"I've never really driven in heavy snow, so I'm a little nervous about that," said AutoZone customer Britiany Blankenship.

Professionals said it's important to "winterize" your car at least once a year.

"Probably do an oil change, I think that's coming up," Blankenship said. "I know he'll probably want me to get winter tires. Maybe he'll give me some chains just in case."

Other customers have different ideas to keep their cars safe.

"I always put a tube of that winter stuff into my gas tank so none of the fuel lines freeze or anything," said AutoZone customer John Blankenship.

"Winterizing" includes changing your tires, checking your antifreeze, keeping an eye on your brakes, and winter proofing your windshield.

"Don't skimp on wiper blades," said AutoZone store manager Alan McElroy. "We have several different levels, we have the new flex blades which are excellent. if your windshield has ice on it don't start them up and try to clear the ice off of it because that will ruin the wiper blade."

Professionals said a lot of the problems people face in the winter are caused by not replacing their antifreeze from the year before.

"If you have old antifreeze you definitely want to get your radiator flushed out and get it replaced," McElroy said. "Or if it's low, top it off. I recommend topping off with full strength antifreeze and not 50/50. 50/50 is half water."

"Winterizing" your vehicle doesn't mean you are invincible on the icy roads.

"You want to always use caution," McElroy said. "I don't care how good your vehicle is. Everybody thinks they got a four-wheel drive they can go everywhere but if it's ice, a four-wheel drive isn't good on ice."

Don't let this mild winter weather fool you.

There is still a lot of winter left and plenty of time to get your car prepared.

I've posted more ways to winterize your car on my Facebook page: Kelsey Pape WBOY 12 News.

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