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Moms In Motion: Pony Pals

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"I've learned how to cantor, trot, how to steer and the diagonals," said horse-back rider, Madysen.

Young Madysen may be learning the proper techniques of riding a horse but at Valley Ridge Farm, kids are getting more than just horse back riding lessons.

"For many children out there that want to learn how to ride but don't have anywhere to do that, and so we've created a program that is a ‘101' on horses," said farm owner, Michele Koury. "Just a very thin Saran Wrap layer of education, and the kids love it."

The "Pony Pals" program is an interactive class that teaches children how to ride, but also how to take care of the animals.

"The responsibility of caring for horse, and their equipment, knowing the horse, and creating a nurturing compassion, a lot of self esteem that goes along with this program," Koury said.

After their ride, they have a classroom phase for about an hour. Parents we spoke with said there are a few reason they think it's important to get their children interested in these types of activities at a young age.

"First of all that she's in contact with animals, second that she is outside in nature, she's not inside compared to other sports," said mother Petra Messars. "And I feel it's a good communion between a human being and an animal."

for more information on the pony pals program, head to click here.

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