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Operation Santa 2012 Helping People in Need

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What looks like a normal house decorated for Christmas on the outside is something completely different on the inside. Operation Santa 2012 is located at Tabatha Tasker-Bohon's house.

When you walk into the Bohon's living room it looks more like Santa's workshop. This all began with an idea last Christmas.

"We were having Christmas dinner last year, and every year I choose an angel off the tree, and this year I wanted to do something more," said Tasker-Bohon.

What looks like Santa's elves is the whole family helping with the operation including Tammy Tasker, Tabatha's sister.

"Whatever is going on with me at home can wait. You know, this has to be, this is now and this is what we're all striving for is to get these gifts ready," said Tasker. "Make a difference in these little people's lives. Share the true joy of Christmas."

There are 25 families and 66 kids ranging from six months to 17 years old being helped by Operation Santa. Not only are they giving gifts to children, but donating clothes, food and household items.

Each family is on a spread sheet that the Taskers and Bohons will read over and decide who gets which donations.

"We have single moms that are working and just can't make ends meet, we have families where the full time job has been lost or hours have been cut," said Tasker-Bohon. "Just basically anybody that's just struggling."

The family is working with other operations just like theirs in Pennsylvania, where Tasker lives. Tasker is also bringing donations down. They hope other people can help spread this idea to one day be a nationwide event.

"Give it from the heart. It doesn't have to be huge amounts of money to spread joy. What better time of year to spread joy. That's what Christmas is about."

Operation Santa 2012 is still taking donations for canned food. If you'd like to know more you can get in touch with Tabatha on the Operation Santa 2012 Facebook page.

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