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Tucker County Still Cleaning Up After Sandy

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Things are back to normal in some counties after Superstorm Sandy, but in others, folks are still cleaning up the mess.

Parts of Route 219 going into Tucker County received heavy wet snow, downed trees making roads impassable, and still almost a month later cleanup efforts continue.

"It was just so hard to understand until you get out in the road and look at it yourself. It really was thousands and thousands of trees just one down on top of the other, and still coming down," said Parsons Mayor Dorothy Judy.

Tucker County has about 50 percent of the cleanup finished, but there is still much work to do. The city of Parsons was prepared for the storm, which gave the advantage to help neighboring cities with cleanup efforts.

The Division of Highways approached the city to use Corricks Fork Battlefield for a staging area to pile branches and logs that were being removed from the roadways of Tucker County. The debris will be cleaned up by Spring, so the construction plans scheduled for the battlefield could stay on schedule.

1,500 loads of debris have arrived at the battlefield property since the storm. Officials said now with a federal disaster declaration already signed, it will help Tucker County stay out of the red.

Tucker County Division of Highways Superintendent Robert Cooper said FEMA pays up to a certain time period. The county is one of 18 named to receive public assistance. That's why the city is gathering information to show them what went in cleaning up the county.

"Those weeks they pay the whole thing actually helps your budget a little bit at that time, because your hiring a lot of outside help, and if it wasn't for that you would be so far in the red you would never be able to get back out of it again before the end of the fiscal year," said Cooper.

Cooper added its going to be one long job before Tucker County gets back to where it needs to be.

"I would say the timber industry was almost at a standstill after this storm, but this has helped a lot of operators to make a little bit of money, keep everything going until they do get back into the timber business themselves," Cooper said.

The city of Parsons is planning a session to address some of its strengths and weaknesses to its response regarding Sandy. If city of Parsons residents need branches and debris removed from their property they can call the Parsons Business Office at 304-478-2311.

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