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UPDATE: Barbour County Sheriff's Department Takes Over Vandalism Investigation in Philippi

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Courtesy of: Mikia Gould Courtesy of: Mikia Gould

Update, Dec. 11:

The Barbour County Sheriff's Department has taken over the investigation into the vandalism of dozens of cars in Philippi.

Philippi Police Chief Mitch Payne said he made the switch to avoid any conflicts in the investigation.

One of the cars damaged in the attack belongs to a Philippi police officer.

Update, Nov. 28:

The Philippi Police have more to investigate than Tuesday's vandalism that caused thousands in vehicle damage.

Chief Mitch Payne said they're also investigating the theft of snowflake decorations setup for the Christmas holiday.

That adds to the damage from when vandals cracked or destroyed the side mirrors on dozens of cars parked on three city streets.

The Philippi Police Department said the two crimes may be connected.

If you have any information about the vandalism or decoration thefts, please contact the Philippi Police Department at 304-457-3700.


Original story

The Philippi Police Department is investigating after vandals damaged several cars Tuesday morning. Residents found their side mirrors broken, and in some cases, knocked clean off.

Mikia Gould couldn't believe it when her grandmother called her Tuesday morning saying someone had broken off her car's mirror. But then she found out more and more people along Walnut Street were reporting the same thing. Now, Gould and her grandmother want to know why anyone would cause such senseless damage.

"I really think it's ridiculous they're even doing it, because if it was their property, they wouldn't want their property damaged, so why do it to someone else?" Gould said.

The search for answers is on. The Philippi Police Department believes the damage caused to cars on Wilson, Main, and Walnut Streets was done sometime between midnight and 4 a.m., which is when the department received its first complaint.

Mirrors may seem like a relatively small issue, but for families on a budget, it's a challenge to handle during the holidays.

"[My grandmother] does not have that kind of money to just put out for that kind of thing. It makes it really hard, so probably going to have to save up the money just to get it fixed even though we have insurance," Gould said.

All together, the vandals damaged dozens of cars on the three streets, including the personal vehicle of a Philippi police officer. Pastor Howard Swick had two cars damaged in the incident and said he has a simple request for those responsible.

"Stop that. We've all done stupid stuff when we were younger, but at the end of the day, your age catches up with you and what you think's going to be a joke ends up costing maybe somebody who doesn't have insurance or good insurance a thousand bucks," Swick said.

Police were taking statements and inspecting damage to vehicles Tuesday afternoon. They expected to contact others who haven't reported damage to add to their report.




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