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Reactions to Harrison County High School Dance Cancellations

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Every generation has a dance that parents hate.  In today's day it's grinding.

It's that very dance that led some Harrison County high school principals and Superintendent Susan Collins to come to an ultimatum:  no more high school dances.

Collins said that decision came after students failed to listen the first few times.  She said the crack down wouldn't affect prom.

The cancellation upset students, parents, business owners and even members of the Board of Education.

President of the Board, Mike Queen, said the principals were in a tough situation, but it wasn't a decision made by or approved by the board. 

He said there is inappropriate dancing going on at some of the dances, but not everyone is partaking in that behavior and not everyone should be punished.

Queen also said the parents need to take some responsibility.

"We need parents to become chaperones. We need to support principals when they stop a lady at the door and say 'that's inappropriate, we're not going to let you in' or if you're dancing in a provocative way that they send you home," Queen said.

Queen said the board will meet on Wednesday, November 28 to discuss the issue.  He said everyone is encouraged to attend that meeting.  At the meeting, disciplinary protocol and other measures to deter "grinding" will be discussed.

Queen said the high school dances are really "community dances" and a cancellation like that affects more than just those who go there to dance.

It affects disc jockeys like Cortez Hairston "D. J. Strizy."  Hairston said the dancing going on in high schools in the area isn't as bad as some people are saying.

"They try to make it seem like it is sex on the dance floor. But it's not really that. They do get close," Hairston said.

Hairston said that in addition to parents, chaperones and the schools--there are other factors that play into how the students behave. He even credits some of the responsibility on D.J.'s.

He said there are tricks D. J.'s use to promote cleaner dancing.

"A lot of it is being on microphone at same time as kids. Telling them to put their hands on the air. If you have high energy music, they don't have time to do some of the things that people are saying they are doing," Hairston said.

Hairston said he sometimes joins the kids dancing and uses the "lead by example approach."

He said music also plays a role.

"Those that songs that might be on that level, you don't play 'em," Hairston said.

He suggested the schools hire dance studios to teach the kids other dance moves.

He said canceling the dances doesn't solve the problem, it just moves it in to someone's house.

"It's human nature. Someone tells you stop, no don't you're pretty much going to try it anyway," Hairston said.

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