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Moms In Motion: Wow! Factory

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Morgantown, WV -

You can leave the kids at home on Friday nights when you want to go to the Wow! Factory in Morgantown.

"They're at home with dad," said customer, Patricia Hawthorne. "This is a girls night!"

Friday nights are sometimes "Ladies Night" or "Wine and Design." It's a time for busy moms to come together and enjoy a little "me" time.

"I think it's important that just being a new mother, my baby's not even 12 months old yet, that you take some time for yourself just to relax and enjoy yourself," said customer Stacy Forst. "And I think it's important for the relationship with your husband and it also makes it more special for when you come home to your baby."

Just because the kids aren't here, doesn't mean they're not on our minds, you can make holiday crafts with handprints, or my craft: making a birth plate to hang in the nursery.

Of course, kids are allowed every other time of the operating hours; it's just a little break for moms in motion.

"We have a lot of moms that come in during the day with their young children," said Wow! Factory employee, Colleen Thornbrugh. "And I think they have a really good time with their kids, but almost everyone who comes in says 'I've got to come back without my kids because it'd be so fun!'"

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