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Cyber Monday Shopping Safety

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Black Friday is all about being the first in line to get the best deals. With Cyber Monday you can do the shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Some people would rather shop online Monday than run around Friday to get good deals. Chris Azzaro is one of those people.

"When the deals are out there on the Internet, and I don't have to fight with crowds of people or people snatching stuff from my cart or snatching for the last item on the rack," said Azzaro.

Even though you don't have to rush around in the car, employees at Best Buy said it's still in your best interest to act quickly.

"The sooner you see a good deal get it while it's still in stock because it goes very fast," said Chatto Hill, store manager, Best Buy University Town Center in Morgantown. "Just like over the weekend was, it gets pretty crazy so the sooner you see something the better you can get it."

Best Buy is having multiple items on sale and just like Black Friday, its Cyber Monday deals started a day early. Other retailers, like Target, have sales that are lasting through out the week.

Even though there are great sales, shoppers still need to know the basics of keeping themselves safe while shopping online.

"I always use a credit card because it does give me protections in case the product isn't what it was supposed to be or it doesn't work out to be what they advertised it as," Azzaro said.

Tim Ford, another Cyber Monday shopper, agrees that using a credit card is one of the safest ways to shop online.

"I'm pretty confident things are pretty safe," said Ford. "But every now and then you hear some bad stories so I'll tend to use a credit card and pay it off as best as I can."

There are multiple ways you can protect yourself while shopping online. Make sure you're shopping with a reputable retailer, and on a secure web site.

A good way to know if you're shopping on a secure web site is by checking your address bar. If you see "HTTPS," the S means secure, then you know you're good.

Here's another tip, Ford and Azzaro both come to the store to look at things before buying them online.

"I do like coming in the store like this," Ford said. "Especially if you're looking for a TV because you can't really get that experience online of seeing something in person and comparing things that way."

The best way to protect yourself from unsecured web sites and buying false merchandise is by resisting the click. Don't click on pop-ups or advertisements if you're not sure where they'll lead you.

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