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Out of State Hunters Visit the Mountain State for Gun Buck Season

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Thousands of men and women headed out into the late hours of Thursday and the early hours of Friday, into the wildness that is Black Friday.

But others made it out just as early and traveled just as far, to hunt buck instead of deals.

Mike Amormino hails all the way from Michigan. But he makes a point to visit the Mountain State every year.

"We come for Thanksgiving with my wife's family. I probably didn't go hunting the first time we came. After I met Bob, he said 'next time bring your stuff, we're gonna go out,'" said Mike Amormino, a hunter from Michigan.

His binoculars, gun, and boots have made the trip every year since.

"We've kind of made this a tradition. Bob has taken me hunting for probably ten years. It's a lot of fun. And it's real flat in Michigan. It's real different here," Amormino said.

If you've hunted in West Virginia your whole life, the rolling hills and long echoes are all you know.

"I like to hear the echo from shots....{In Michigan}...you don't hear echoes for two minutes," Amormino said.

Amormino said hunting is just as popular in Michigan as it is in West Virginia.

But hunting in West Virginia requires a lot more lifting and hiking.  And if we're being honest, a lot more sweating too. 

"Hopefully if you do kill something, it rolls to you as opposed to you having to pull it up the side of the mountain to the truck," Amormino said.

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