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Shoppers Take Advantage Of Black Friday Deals

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Harrison County -

Thanksgiving may be over, but Christmas is right around the corner.

Most people begin their holiday shopping just hours after they finish their turkey.

The Black Friday experience is everything you'd expect it to be.

Traffic is at a steady rate, lines are out the doors, and there is only so much of what's behind them.

So why do people participate?

"Tradition," said Black Friday Shopper Sherry Lewis. "We may not buy a lot, but a tradition that me and my sisters always done."

'Tradition' is a word that many shoppers used.

"Tradition. She and I always come," said Black Friday Shopper Debbie Kolozy. "It's our thing and you know, keep the tradition going."

Some people participate in Black Friday for the experience. Others camp out over night so they are the first in line for the hottest items.

"People for the iPods, the TV's," Lewis said. "Mainly for the electronical stuff but a little bit of everything in general. But mainly those big items."

Some restaurants opened their doors in the wee hours of the morning. Others, like Starbucks for instance, never closed from the night before.

Some customers said they walked out of the stores with exactly what they were searching for.

"Kohls is great," Kolozy said. "Spend all your money. I done did spend all mine. I got $160 in Kohl's cash!"

Others weren't so lucky.

"Walmart was limited as far as some of the big items," Lewis said. "This morning we went for some of the fireplace things. We was there at ten after five and they was already gone."

Some people waited in lines for hours, but left empty handed.

"Last night we went to K-Mart and they left us out in the cold for hours," said Black Friday Shopper Tom Ross.

"About 5:30 they came out and said they had about ten TV's and a couple Androids and that was it."

Stores have slowed down as the day progressed.

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