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Part 2: A Look Into the Art of Taxidermy

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A shoulder mount above the mantle and a camouflage jacket hanging in the closet is a pretty obvious sign that a hunter is in the house.

But not all hunters choose the shoulder mount display.

"A European mount. Some customers might not want to get the full shoulder mount done. For several reasons, have some already on their walls, or economic reasons. So they opt to have a European mount done," said Donna De Marco, with De Marco Taxidermy.

The European mount isn't as typical. But making one requires a true artist.

Like making the iconic shoulder mount, creating a European mount is a lengthy process.

"We take a pot with steaming water and we set it in there and let some of the meat simmer off of it. Pull it out, scrape it off, put it back in there until the meat is fully off of the bone. Have your knife, you're scraping this off" De Marco said.

From there it's degreased.

"Then we're ready for the peroxide bath. We set it in peroxide. All the way up until the horns. Once it has been in there for 24 hours, we pull it out," De Marco said.

Then it's taken outdoors.

"Then you take it out. Set it out in the sun for a couple of days, at least three days," De Marco said.

The peroxide and sunlight helps whiten the skull. From there, it's pretty much up to the customer how it will look.

"Some gloss on it. Out it on a panel. Put feathers and leather straps down it," De Marco said.

De Marco Taxidermy creates shoulder and European Mounts. Call this number for more information: 304-592-1154.

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