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Mon Youthbuild Reopens Thanks To Community Support

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Mon Youthbuild is a program that aims to help kids get their GED.

In 2011, the program lost its funding and the Marion County community stepped up to get it back on its feet.

"The support of the community and the organizations that have come behind us we were able to put this new learning center together," said Rick Brown of Mon Youthbuild. "We have a computer center now for our students."

For exactly one year, Mon Youthbuild was without funding from the U.S. Department of Labor causing the program to halt.

During its time of need the program received a $5,000 donation from the Eagles and $250 from both Heston Farms and the Rotary Club for its new computer lab.

The program has recently gotten its funding back from the Department of Labor and former students say it's important that it did.

"They helped with job placement as soon as I was out of the program," said former Mon Youthbuild student Isaac Barker. "It's given me something to fall back on whenever times are slow. It's given me the education to know what I'm doing out there."

Barker said other students should be given the same opportunity and because of the funding it can.

The program is currently looking for those between 17 and 24 who are interested in receiving their GED and learning residential construction.

"Anyone who doesn't have a high school diploma is our target audience," said Brown. "However we can take 25 percent of our individuals can have their high school diploma as long as their basic skills deficient and still need our services to help educationally."

Barker agrees.

"Anytime you can get education its a good thing so why wouldn't you? If you're not doing anything you might as well try to go out there and learn something."

There are already about 10 students that are registered for this program but Mon Youthbuild is looking for more.

If you are interested in participating in this program you are encouraged to call Rick Brown at 304-366-1119.

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