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Farmington #9 Memorial Service Held in Marion County

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The United Mine Workers of America holds a service each year at the Farmington #9 Memorial Site. The event is to commemorate the 78 miners that lost their lives in the explosion in 1968.

It's 44 years later and hundreds of people still gather each year to remember this mine explosion.

Chuck Moyer is a retired coal miner.  He said people still come because it touched so many lives.

"It just made us come together, not only just the community here in Farmington. All over, small communities in Northern West Virginia," Moyer said. "It touched a lot of lives. Somebody knew somebody."

The mine disaster was a tragedy in many peoples' eyes.

Mike Caputo, the United Mine Workers District #13 Vice President was the Master of Ceremonies. He said the mine explosion also served as a blessing in disguise.

"As horrible as it was it brought about the 1969 Coal Mining Health and Safety Act which saves thousands of coal miners lives," Caputo said. "If it wasn't for this one tragedy we wouldn't have that today. I credit the media for that as I said earlier in my remarks for letting the world see how coal miners were treated."

This is the first year the service also honored those miners who were veterans. Moyer helped set out to find information about miners who died in the explosion that were also veterans.

"We wanted to see how many veterans there was and why we don't honor them," Moyer said.

People sang songs, and said poems and speeches to honor the fallen miners.

Wreaths were placed around the memorial site to remember the miners that lost their lives in that explosion. They were also placed to remember miners all around the country.

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