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International Social Media Confusion Centers Around Fairmont Vet Office

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Some comments on social media have made their way around the world and now are causing problems for a local veterinary hospital.

Diane Fridley has been a veterinarian at the Fairmont Veterinary Hospital for four years.

A recent confusion with a woman in London with the same name has the hospital's phones ringing off the hook.

"An individual on Twitter who was doing horrific things with animals; immoral, disgusting things had the same name as one of our doctors," said Fairmont Veterinarian Scott Moore. "That Twitter account got linked to us through the internet."

Moore said a Twitter user took the information and falsely said it was Fridley.

Moore said it has drastically effected her reputation.

"I want everybody to know that Doctor Diane Fridley is a good veterinarian and a good person and I absolutely want her removed as a link to that type of behavior," he said.

Moore said the FBI has been a crucial part of getting the post off of the internet.

"It's a horrific thing to think someone can make one Twitter post that is completely uninformed and nearly ruin someone's life," he said.

Federal and local law enforcement are involved in the case.

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