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Morgantown High School Participates In Statewide 'Take A Vet To School Day'

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Morgantown High School has seventeen alumni who are Vietnam War Veterans and countless more who have served in the military in some capacity. The school's fifth annual "Bring a Vet to School Day" is its way of saying "Thank You."

"I think it's really exciting that the students can kind of get kind of pumped up and come together and be able to honor these veterans because they really deserve it," said Talia Betourney, a student at MHS.

The day started off with veterans coming to the school for an assembly. The school's orchestra and band played patriotic tunes, and veterans from the school and community were recognized.

"We just like to do it. We go around we got others to do, there's going to be a parade tonight. We're going over to another school we just do everything we can to help the veterans, " said David Gidley, a VFW worker and army veteran.

After the assembly, Senator Jay Rockefeller held a panel to allow veterans and students to speak.

"Its important to me. And I've done this a lot and I've been on the veterans committee for twenty eight years, been chairman, done all kinds of things in all kinds of places but you never really get a sense of what goes on in the mind of a veteran unless you get one to talk to you," Rockefeller said.

Betourney was recognized for an essay she wrote about her teacher and former marine, Mr. Dean.

"Just kind of the sacrifices that he made for my freedom and the freedom of all the students around me. It's just so uplifting and finding out that I won. It was really exciting and I was more excited for Mr. Dean, that his story was being told," Betourney said.

Representatives from Comcast and the history channel were in attendance.

One of the History Channel's co-founders said MHS's assembly was one of the best he's ever been too.

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