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Clear Mountain Bank Hosts Job Expo to Help Veterans

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West Virginia has more people that serve in the military per capita than any other state in the United States. With Veteran's Day coming up, there was no better time for the Clear Mountain Bank Veteran's Financial and Employment Expo on Thursday night.

The expo offered helpful information for veterans on a variety of topics.

"I'm here to gather information for my soldiers and other veterans and for myself but it's not just about me. It's about a community of people, a community of people that have passed. A people that can not be here," said Ardell Moree, a captain in the Army National Guard.

Moree also said he is looking out for twenty soldiers.

As soon as veterans arrived at the expo, bags filled with pamphlets were available for them to reference. One place veterans could stop was at the Operation Welcome Home station.

"Basic, all encompassing, one stop shop transition, place, organization up in Mylan Park for all veterans of the armed services as they look to transition back from the military to civilian life. It's a very difficult transition to make," said Brett Simpson, program manager for Operation Welcome Home.

Other vendors attended the expo to provide information and possible jobs. This was the bank's third annual expo.

Frank Vitale was not only the coordinator, but a veteran himself.

"We have over twenty vendors here tonight, with jobs to offer veterans and with services to offer veterans and their families. And so I think it really is a testament to the strength of our community," Vitale said.

Veterans in attendance seemed to be pleased with the event.

"It would be hard to sum up. Just a lot of gratitude. A simple gesture of just holding it, feeding soldiers means a lot to us. Especially good food," Moree said.

Veterans rely on their communities to find everything from jobs to schools.

The event allows the community to help veterans assimilate themselves back into civilian life after their service and deployment.

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