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Brave Heart Kids' Parents Donate To WVU Children's Hospital

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West Virginia University's Children's Hospital saves lives every day.

A few of those lucky parents are giving back to the hospital that they said gave them their children.

Stacy Borgan and Jessica Taylor are two similar moms. Both are from Nicholas County, have sons, and have had to watch those kids go through a combined 8 heart surgeries.

"Mason's had 5 surgeries now, and I was devastated. But he's here with us now and he's perfect," said Stacy Brogan."

Mason Brogan, 4, and Jayden Taylor, 2, have had it tough. The two were born with heart defects that will challenge them throughout their lives. But the two are fighters, working with a team their moms are very thankful for.

"It's what gave us our sons back," said Brogan. "They've been there for us every step of the way. Mason and Jayden will both have to have surgeries throughout their life and they'll be here for us."

To thank the children's hospital Stacy and Jessica have been raising money.

Together they have raised nearly $7,000, hundreds of clothing items, toys and stuffed animals for the hospital. It's been a drive powered by their Summersville community.

"Everyone in our community knows our kids," said Borgan, "so they are very giving. They know looking at our boys is looking at a miracle. They see what we see and want to give back and help other families."

Those miracles they said were given to them by the hospital. Cheryl Jones, director of WVU's Children's Hospital credits the hard work and dedication of its staff to the success.

"I always say there are miracles here every day, you don't have to look very far to find those," said Jones. "The physicians, the nurses, and all the staff who care for these kids are really miracle workers who giver their heart and sole to this every day, 365."

On Facebook Mason and Jayden are known as the Brave Heart Boys. You can follow their progress and story there.

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