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Finding A Family: Tim's Story

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"Strong buff, tall, wide, nice." Tim is describing the type of dad he'd love to have.

"Why is that important for him to be strong and buff?" I asked him. "So I have protection."

Tim, 12, may be young, but he loves to work out at the gym.

We headed to Pro Performance, where he got an individualized work out from a personal trainer

"I want to be buff," he said with a smile. "Why do you want to be buff?" I asked him. "So I can get a hot girlfriend!"

Keeping fit and healthy is important to Tim, especially because he has Type I Diabetes and Celiac Disease.

"I can't have stuff with too much sugar," he explained.

He also has to give himself shots in several places on his body, several times a day. "Shots at breakfast, lunch, then snack, dinner, then snack."

But he's a champ at keeping things under control and he looks up to a couple of champs as heroes: "Michael Jordan or Shaquille O'Neal."

"Just because they're good basketball players?" I asked him. "And they're big and strong," he said. "It's important for you to be big and strong, huh? Why is that?" I asked. "To have protection for yourself."

Tim may be working on getting strong and buff on the outside but with his chocolate brown eyes and heart melting smile, he's got a big soft spot on the inside.

"What would it mean to you if you found a family?" I asked him. "Joy and happiness," he answered.

If you're interested in adopting Tim, or any other child in the state, call Mission West Virginia at 866-CALL-MWV. Or you can send an email to

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