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Restaurant Road Trip: Plane View

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The airport might not be the first place that comes to mind when you want to get a good lunch, but Plane View at the North Central West Virginia Airport offers a wide selection for a reasonable price.

"It's always a big portion, you definitely don't leave hungry" said Jeremy D'hondt, a regular customer of Plane View. 

For the owner of Plane View, it's all about getting your money's worth.

"The steak hoagies are definitely a hit and our view club is a huge sandwich, it's quite filling, people like it a lot too" said Elisha DeMoss, owner of Plane View. 

It opened just two short months ago, but Plane View already has some people touching down on a regular basis.

"A lot of business people, a lot of attorneys. It's definitely been a mixed crowd here. Probably more so we've had locals than travelers" said DeMoss.

Previous airport restaurants have had problems keeping customers but DeMoss has a plan to prevent that from happening.

"Friday night we actually have Floyd Cowger, that will be here playing from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Could possibly do some adult beverage specials, maybe some giveaways. We anticipate more business in the evenings now that we've been approved for our West Virginia alcohol license.. and our next step will be our West Virginia lottery license which we hope to have within a month or so" DeMoss said. 

So what sets Plane View apart from the rest?

"Our salads are huge!  Our steak salad, our chef salad, our buffalo chicken salad, you're sure to not go hungry. If you can make it to the bottom of one" explained DeMoss. 

"I saw a customer get the salad last week, and I was a little jealous, that's why I'm here today to try that" said D'hondt. 

If you enjoy large meals, for a good price, and a great view, head out to the airport for some lunch.

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