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Monongalia County Elections Wrap-Up

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Voter turnout in Monongalia County was strong on Tuesday's Election Day.

The county assessor race was "Musick" to one man's ears. Democrat Mark Musick defeated Republican Kent Pauley. 

The race drew the eye of many after Rodney Pyles choose not to run after serving more than 20 years. What Musick didn't get done in 2008 in the Primary when he lost to Pyles, he finished Tuesday night.

"[In 2008], we lost, but we were able to get 6,100 votes. To us, that was a plus it gave us a stepping stone and we continued to go there, we've done a lot of work in the community and we've just never stopped since 2008," Musick said.

The commissioner race was a close battle much of the night, but in the end, Democrat Tom Bloom came out on top.

Tom Bloom's 1,300 vote lead evaporated to less than 300 after a late rally by Joe Statler came up short. Bloom credits young voters for the win and hopes to work with them as a commissioner.

"A perfect example is what's going on in the community with the fires and what's going on," said Bloom. "We need to all sit down and work out a solution. You can't put blame on them. One of the other things I want to do is bi-yearly meetings to have all the different cities, the university and student body sit down and work on common goals."

Bloom and Statler vied for a position being vacated by Asel Kennedy, representing the western district of the county.

Bloom spent most his night checking in on the numbers and pacing throughout the Mountaineer Mall.

"I like to pace, I like to move around," said Bloom. "My theme that my daughter came up with was the running with wings, everyone knows me that way, and I probably walked off two miles for everyone today."

"I still knew at the time the districts on the western end of the county hadn't come in, and they've always been so great to me, they pulled me in close. They brought me up close in the election. I wasn't completely out of it and I feel confident for that," said Joe Statler.

The other only other county race Tuesday was for Magistrate. The four incumbents: democrats Jim Nabors, Hershel Mullins, Sandy Holepit and Darris Summers all beat out Republican candidate Ron Snyder.

Sheriff Al Kisner and Prosecuting Attorney Marcia Ashdown went unopposed.

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