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Joe Manchin To Serve Another 6 Years As West Virginia Senator

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Senator Joe Manchin usually holds his election headquarters in Charleston, but this year he returned home to Marion County where he could be with friends and family as the results came in.

"I voted for Obama and I voted for Joe because I believe in what they stand for," said Manchin Supporter Champ Deblasio.

Joanie Nelson Howard agrees.

"Joe definitely deserves being the senator for West Virginia," she said. "He loves the state."

Hundreds of people came to Westchester Village in Fairmont Tuesday night to support Senator Joe Manchin.

It only took a little more than two hours for the results to come in.

Senator Joe Manchin has won the re-election and will serve the next six years as a West Virginia State Senator.

"It feels great," Senator Manchin said. "It really does. I'm just so humbled and so honored to be able to continue to serve the people in West Virginia. They are the greatest people on earth."

Senator Manchin was born and raised in Farmington, a little town ten miles outside of Fairmont.

He said being home in Marion County has made the experience even more special.

"This is really what it's all about," he said. "It's so special to be here with the family. That's why we are here. We are just so thankful for everybody. It's their generation that we're working for."

Manchin focuses on the words "Commonsense" and "Healing Process" in regards to the United States of America.

"Whoever ends up being president, they should basically immediately begin a healing tour, going around this country and bringing it back together," Senator Manchin said.

He said it begins here in West Virginia and he is going to make that happen.

His supporters believe him.

"Joe's the kind of guy that can work across party lines to get things done," said Manchin Supporter Brad Hunt. "That's something that seems to be a pretty tall order in D.C. these days."

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