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Preston County Storm Recovery Continues

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Preston County is doing its best to bounce back from the storm.

The concern earlier in the week was to get the main roads cleared. Several extra Division of Highways and National Guard teams came and cleared trees to get most roads opened.

The focus then switched to get the power back on. Preston County Emergency Management is working with many different groups to widen and clear side roads.

"Finish getting those roads opened up fully that allows the power company to get in to reach even more of their areas and those pockets of people that we've had a hard time accessing. We're sending our National Guard teams out with humvees to do what they call "knock and talks" which is basically they'll go and just try to find residents," said Justin Wolfe, Preston County Emergency Management Assistant Director.

National Guard teams are supplied with blankets, extra water, and hot meals. Preston County hopes to have the schools opened some time this week.

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