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Hovatter's Zoo Still Without Power

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Hovatter's Wildlife Zoo has about 300 animals and more than 100 of them need to be kept warm in cold weather. Hovatter's hasn't had power since Tuesday, and the zoo upkeep is putting a strain on the owner and his pocket book.

"When the storm just started, I was up around the clock. What we do is rotate cats back and forth, we shovel the cages off that need shoveled off, keep up with that. That's the main concern here, make sure we don't have no collapse, because the snow was wet and heavy. We got that done, and now it's just keeping everything warm. We were going around and it hit us... blind sided kind of," said Bryan Hovatter.

The zoo has four generators running at all times. They need to keep two monkey houses, a chimp barn, and where they keep snakes in the gift shop warm.

"My dad and my brother has generators going and wires hooked everywhere to keep all the heated buildings warm for all the monkeys and stuff like that," said Mackayla Hovatter, Bryan's daughter.

The main attraction this summer was the zoo's giraffe, Zach. He has to be kept inside at all times.

"He can't stand without any heat at all. So we have him in a heated barn," Hovatter said.

Most of the animals can be left outside. Hovatter said he's spent almost $4,000 so far. The zoo will continue to use generators until the power can get turned back on.

"Right now, it's costing us somewhere around $165 a day just to keep gas in the generators around the clock. It's bad, it's horrible," Hovatter said.

Hovatter's usually stays open for weekends in November, but due to the storm they had to close down for the winter. But they want people to know they'll be opened with bigger and better things next season.

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