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Tygart Lake State Park Weathers Sandy

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If you took a look at Tygart Lake State Park Lodge Thursday, you wouldn't know that Superstorm Sandy had passed through the area only days ago. As the lake continued to drain for the winter season, people were enjoying lunch at the lodge restaurant.

"The storm did not do a lot of damage here. The power was on and off several times at the lodge and restaurant but nothing that made an impact on the lodge itself," said Assistant Superintendent Jim Browning.

While the area around the cabins did lose power, the timing of the storm couldn't have been much better as far as park business goes. Browning said weekends are usually the busiest times, and this weekend should be no different.

"Last weekend we were full in the cabins, mostly full in the cabins and lodge. Now this weekend, we expect another full house, but during the week when Sandy hit the way it did, we were fortunate that we didn't have a lot of people here in the park," said Browning.

Like the rest of the area, the memories of the June derecho were not far from the minds of the park staff, but it said the damage was much more significant a few months ago.

"Well, the summer storm certainly had a huge impact on the park, but this storm did not. There's no limbs down, no debris to clean up. It passed by us and left a little snow, a little rain, a little power outage, but that's all," Browning said.

Other parks around the state didn't fare so well, but each one will reopen once it's safe to do so. For more information on whether a state park is open, visit www.wvstateparks.com/.

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