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Area Colleges Weather Superstorm Sandy

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The campus of Davis and Elkins College had plenty of downed branches following the storm on Monday and Tuesday. But the student body doesn't seem to be worrying as much, even though most of the campus is without power.

"But as far as everything's concerned, everybody's been really positive, we've been finding things to do out in the snow, play games, anything, just come in here for warmth," said D&E RA Kelsey Gilbert.

The campus' Madden Center is the only building at the school that has power, and from there, the college staff has been able to provide for the students who remain on campus.

"We have generator power, so we're able to have heat, hot meals for students, and we're also trying to keep them busy. As you can see and hear, there are a number of them here right now," said D&E President Dr. Michael Mihalyo.

Students at Alderson-Broaddus in Barbour County were keeping themselves busy as well, as A-B is in a similar situation. Students there were making snow forts to pass the time, and they said the school has kept them in the loop.

"The president actually just talked to us and said there's an eighty percent chance we'll get power tonight, so we're hoping for that and if not, I'm sure we'll get it sometime soon tomorrow, or at least we're hoping so," said A-B student Alexander Goodman, who was one of the students constructing that snow fort.

A-B faces another challenge since water sanitation is affected by the outages there. The college has taken steps to deal with that problem, and hopes to get all those issues back to normal as soon as possible.

"We've been giving them information by way of snail mail, word-of-mouth, and Internet when its available on what we're doing, but as of now, we plan on holding classes tomorrow providing power and sanitation are restored," said A-B President Dr. Rick Creehan

If it doesn't get power, A-B classes won't resume until Monday. Davis and Elkins is closed until further notice.

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