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A Look Inside Local Storm Shelters

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Severe weather conditions have prompted the opening of several shelters across the area.

The Wallace Volunteer Fire Department opened its doors Tuesday night for anyone affected by the weather. It said it opens the building to the public whenever the weather causes problems.

"We offer this building open because we are here for the community and any way we can help the community we want to. We do have backup power sources, we have heat, running water, and rest rooms if need be. We also have small amounts of food and drinks if they need to come up and stay for a couple of days or an extended amount of time" said Lieutenant Roger Luchuck of the Wallace Volunteer Fire Department.

Wallace wasn't seeing much snow, but it still runs the risk of flooding in the next few days.

Another shelter open to the public is located in Grafton. The American Red Cross opened a shelter in the Grafton High School wrestling room. They had food and drinks, cots and blankets, and even activities to pass the time.

"We had a few requests from some families that are without power, and even the surrounding counties we had opened this just in case the others got full, like in Preston County. So basically we just opened it up so if people need a place to shower, sleep, or food to eat, we got it all here" said Sarah Coulson, a member of the disaster relief team.

The shelter in Grafton is staying open at least through Wednesday, or longer if necessary.

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