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Storm Causes Snowfall in Elkins

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Tropical storm Sandy has hit land, and most of the area is seeing rain, but Elkins got a lot of snow. Many residents hit the streets to stock up on much needed supplies like gas and food.

State Trooper M.J. Wilson has some advice for motorists and residents of Randolph County.

"Right now, in Randolph County, we're in state of emergency, we're expected to get several inches of snow within the next couple days… so my advice to everybody is to stay in the house unless they need to come out, unless there's an emergency and if they need emergency services they can call in and we'll be more than happy to respond" Wilson said.

The Speedway gas station in Elkins was completely out of propane, kerosene, and bread. Thousands of customers were left without power in Randolph County, and it even went out during the interview with Wilson.

Road conditions aren't ideal, but Wilson said emergency responders are prepared for accidents.

"Generally with the first snow of the season there always is an influx in accidents. People aren't as used to traveling in the snow as much as they are in the wintertime," Wilson said.

Truck drivers are also taking special precautions.

"We're definitely slowing down! Actually you're watching out for other people more than anything. Of course you got a big truck so it's definitely kind of not as sturdy as it should be with the wind blowing" said truck driver Conner White. "You would think going north would be a lot worse, but actually the further north you go the warmer it gets. It's warmer here than it is 20 miles south of here."

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