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WVU Pumpkin Drop Celebrates 25 Years

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It is an annual fall tradition at West Virginia University. WVU hosted its 25th annual pumpkin drop on Friday.

The goal of the competition is to design an enclosure to protect a pumpkin from damage when dropped from the roof of a building. One way to win is to have your pumpkin survive and land near a target. Another is to design the best pumpkin carrying device.

The guidelines are simple, all pumpkins must be at least 10 inches in diameter and the entire structure can weigh no more than 60 pounds.

"Yeah, last year we did it but our pumpkin was too small so this year we did the same design and we're hoping that we're gonna win," Haley Wilburn, an eighth grader competitor, said.

The WVU Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a student organization that runs the event. Each year, proceeds from the event go to charity.

"Being caught up in academics so much it's good to be able to give back to the community. And give something to look forward to for the younger generations and possibly filling our shoes or coming to this university," said Daniel Whitlow, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers President.

There's over 285 teams here from all over the tri-state area. They each get one chance to drop their contraption and see if their pumpkin survives. Students up through eighth grade can compete, and most have done it for several years.

"I'm really excited just cause it's my last year and just to be with all my friends here. I just think it's really fun," Wilburn said.

Forty one out of 284 pumpkins survived the drop from the 11th story of the Engineering Science building. Team number 196 from Summersville Middle School won first prize and a $50 check.

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