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East Fairmont High Students Participate In Mock Debate

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East Fairmont High School students filled the school's auditorium Thursday for a political rally portrayed by the students.

One student was acting as Barack Obama and another student as Mitt Romney, encouraging students to get out and vote.

"Every four years here at East Fairmont we try to get the kids involved in the presidential election," said Social Studies Chair Tracey Linn. "We really focus on the presidents, the governors, some of the major events that are being run."

East Fairmont staff said it wants its students to know how important voting is.

Seniors auditioned to portray the presidential and vice presidential candidates in a mock debate for their classmates.

It aimed to help young voters understand the party platforms and what each candidate stands for.

"Just to kind of raise awareness, especially to the seniors that are able to vote," said senior Drew Edwards. "Help them understand the platform and help educate on why we need to vote and which candidate will be the best for us."

Presidential candidates gave five minute speeches to the student body and vice presidential candidates gave three minute speeches.

The candidates interacted with the crowd, saying and doing things the candidates were doing during the televised debates.

"They are going to influence these kids because tomorrow, all of our social studies classes are participating in a nationwide mock election," Linn said. "So we want the kids to be informed before they vote."

Some students believe the information is easier to understand when hearing it from a peer.

"I feel a lot of the time its easier to hear it from a classmate, from a peer because we have a certain way to talk and get our messages across," Edwards said.

Students at East Fairmont High School will participate with the rest of the nation in a mock Election on Friday.

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