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Taylor County Prepares For Election Day

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Taylor County Clerk Georgianna Thompson said Election Day in her county goes relatively smoothly.

The county has two ways its residents can cast their votes and can cause a delay in counting the votes if not done correctly.

Residents have the option to vote on an iVotronic machine or by paper ballot.

"A lot of it is the technology automatic, scares them the death," said Taylor County voter George Board. "I did a hand written, but I used a computer in the past."

Taylor County Clerk Georgianna Thompson said running on two systems can slow down the counting process at the end of election night especially if voting on paper ballots isn't done correctly.

Taylor County was one of the last counties in North Central West Virginia to finish counting votes after the Primary Election in May.

"In the primary the problem was a lot of people, instead of filling in the oval on the ballot put 'x's' or circled names and in that event the machine kicks it out," Georgianna Thompson said.

If voting isn't done correctly the optical scanning machine will reject the ballot.

It will then go into the hands of a resolution team.

"We have to have a resolution team which is Democratic/Republican, two from each party," Thompson said. "They are the ones that review those and make the decision to how the vote goes."

Taylor County has 19 precincts in which people can vote on Election Day.

The county prides itself on the security of the ballots.

Thompson believes it is important for West Virginians to take the time to vote and Taylor County Residents agree.

"It's an honor, it's a privilege to be able to come out here and vote," Board said. "We are in a country that gives us the privilege and I think everybody should do it."

Thompson said there are directions on how to vote located in every voting booth. 

She stresses voters to read those directions carefully, before marking the ballot.

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