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Friday Band Feature: Elkins High School

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When we caught up with the Elkins Tigers marching band, they were sporting a different look.

Last Friday was the school's "Pink Out" to promote breast cancer awareness, so band supported the community, as it always does, by wearing as much pink as possible.

"We do things around here that not only our student body embraces but the local community embraces and we just try to do that as much as possible," band director Joseph Bowen said. "We are the community band."

 Nothing shows that more than the band's pre-game tradition.

"Every Friday night for a ball game, we have a one mile parade through town, which is not something that everybody does," Bowen said, "and so when it comes to parade time for our kids, it's just another evening."

The parades themselves have their own tradition, started by former band director Clark H. "Prof" Siedoff.

"He started something in the late 50's which was the band, when they played a parade tune, it was always the Charleston." Bowen said. "Now, he would have a few other tunes to go with it, but during the Charleston, the band stops in the middle and we dance, we dance to the Charleston."

The band was even able to stick to that tradition this spring in Disney World.

"Marching down main street, that was seriously the best memories," drum major Molly Ranhart said.

Ranhart and her fellow seniors chose the music for this year's show.

"Our show is called ‘Music for a Darkened Theater' and it's songs by Danny Elfman so we have songs from Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Tales of the Crypt," Ranhart said. "There's a whole bunch of different things like that from Tim Burton so it's a nice mix."

On a Friday night in fall, it's always easy to tell if it's a home game.

If you want to make it to the ball game on Friday night, just follow the band.

There is no parade planned for this Friday night, however. The Tigers travel to East Fairmont.

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