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West Virginia Wesleyan Launches Virtual Campus Tour

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Choosing a college can be a hard decision.

To make the decision easier, a new tool has been created for West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Senior Ambassador Justin Frye is excited to have a hand in this project,a virtual campus tour, and college officials couldn't agree more.

"It's a beautiful place to go to school. People regionally usually know that, but people several states away, sometimes internationally, if they're interested in coming to school here, may never be able to see the campus before they actually arrive on campus for school," said Stephen Brothers McGrew, assistant director of admission and external relations for West Virginia Wesleyan.

In order for the college to showcase who they are, what they are, a virtual campus tour is now online. The virtual tour allows visitors to click on a numbered map and learn more about the buildings on campus.

With audio and video prompts, the virtual website takes anyone on an interactive look at West Virginia Wesleyan; but it also maintains alumni ties to the school.

McGrew said the virtual tour makes it more personable for the viewer, allowing prospective students to see themselves as a Wesleyan student.

"Watch some video, watch some students being students in footage, and kind of get a nice real time look at what the campus is like, get an understanding a little bit of the scope of campus, how big of campus it is," McGrew said.

McGrew sees this as just the beginning, with hopes to expand the scope of the virtual campus tour.

"To be able to show and demonstrate some of the facilities, the lab capabilities the research capabilities, opportunities for undergraduate research and be able to tell that story a little more visually, and show off some of those facilities to students who might be interested to families and parents," McGrew said.

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