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Marion County Commission To Increase Courthouse Security

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A recent incident has caused the Marion County Commission to be concerned about the security of the courthouse.

In August, Robert Shaver, 34, of Fairmont stormed into the courthouse with plastic guns and pretended to shoot people.

Following the incident, county commission turned its attention to security.

"We are not going to total lock down yet," said Marion County Commissioner Randy Elliott. "That's not what the general consensus of the elected officials and department heads wanted. They wanted additional security but not go to that measure yet."

Commission said additional security cameras will be installed.

It has also provided the Marion County Sheriff's Department with additional funding that will go toward hiring two additional deputies.

There are currently three deputies inside the courthouse who monitor the premises and work with the three judges.

"They are out and about in the courthouse when they are not in concession," Commissioner Elliott said. "The other two will simply have the run of the courthouse. They will be out monitoring the halls and monitoring the offices, showing their presence throughout the courthouse."

There are currently 11 ways to access the Marion County Courthouse.

Commissioners said along with adding additional security cameras, it plans to lock all but three doors.

This means that the additional eight will be used for emergency exits only.

"The county is putting every effort we can to keep the citizens safe here and to save money and to the best job we can to protect the citizens of Marion County," said 911 Center Director Chris McIntire.

Commission said it aims to protect all 192 employees who work inside the Courthouse as well as the citizens who enter.

All deputies inside of the courthouse will now operate on the same radio channel.

If there is a problem, the other four can be called for backup immediately.

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