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State Unveils Anti-bullying Initiative In Lewis County

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The West Virginia Department of Education kicked off a new anti bullying program at Lewis County High School Thursday.

Students in attendance heard from the state superintendent that when it comes to bullying, "It Does Matter."

The State Department of Education chose Lewis County to present the new program, as the county is already making strides to fight bullying.

Students are already seeing a difference, even with something as simple as welcoming incoming freshmen.

"Now we welcome the freshmen in and try to help them out. Our student council is always up here giving tours and things like that. We try to make it more comfortable for them," said Lewis County senior Erin Jerden.

While the school community is already changing, State Superintendent Dr. Jorea Marple said the whole community needs to change, too. And it's not easy to make that happen when there's a wider acceptance of the activity in our culture.

"It's really difficult to fix an issue if we as a culture accept it as being OK, from our political ads to our television shows that we watch. So I think it's a pervasive problem," Dr. Marple said.

But until then, Lewis County will be part of making the change happen.

"What they do does matter. It speaks for itself. If we can get enough people on board here, it can really start a chain reaction I think, and once something like that starts going, it's pretty powerful," said Lewis County senior Wilson Harvey.

You can check out the Department of Education's website for more information on the program and what you can do to help stop bullying in your school and community.

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