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Marion County Jail To Reopen As Transport And Processing Center For Inmates

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The Marion County Jail is a landmark in the area but it hasn't been used in almost a decade.

Now, after major renovations, the jail is reopening and will benefit the county and its tax payers.

The county spends nearly $50,000 a day for housing, food, and services for every inmate in a jail cell.

In August, Marion County spent over $160,000.

Commissioners hope the reopening of the jail will reduce the cost.

The jail is reopening as a transport and processing center for inmates who have been arrested.

"We hired two jailers to be able to open that up and house our county arrestees to hold them there for a certain period of time," said Marion County Commissioner Randy Elliott. "Usually if it's a non violent crime they can bail themselves out."

West Virginia State Code said inmates can be held for up to six hours in the facility.

Commission hopes the six-hour window will give the inmates who have committed minor crimes to post bond and avoid the trip to North Central Regional Jail in Doddridge County.

It will save the county and tax payers a significant amount of money.

"That keeps us from having to transport them, involved in all the cost getting them to Doddridge County which is kind of a ways from here," Commissioner Elliott said. "The cost of the gasoline, the wear and tear, and the whole nine yards involved in getting them to there. Plus eliminating the 50 dollars per day cost that it takes to house anybody."

In previous years, the jail cells had to be shared by two inmates.

Now there are 16 private cells.

All repairs were done by county workers including rewiring, plumbing, and painting.

"They have spent many days doing the mechanisms for the doors so they will work," said Maintenance Foreman Jeff Biafore. "Then they did the painting. They had to put a new ceiling in to separate it from the other floor."

Marion County Commission said it anticipates to drastically cut down on the number of inmates that are taken to North Central Regional Jail.

The Marion County Sheriff's Department will begin interviewing candidates for positions inside of the jail.

The transport and processing center will begin to be used once two people are hired.

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