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WVU Students Initiate 'Learn Not To Burn' Campaign

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Saturday's postgame behavior at West Virginia University has some students responding in a positive manor.

The student initiated "Learn Not to Burn" campaign will debut a video Wednesday night through social media that will promote responsible celebration. 

"Learn Not to Burn" President Chris Lewallen said that educating students peer-to-peer is better than through fines and police.

Lewallen said changing the behavior starts with positively embracing WVU as a party school.

"It's not the stance that most people want to take, but it's the stance that gets students' attention," said Lewallen. "Say we're the number one party school, it's ok to be social, it's ok to have fun, take to the streets, join arms and sing Country Roads. But it's not ok to behave in a destructive way, set fires, assault police officers."

The "Learn Not to Burn" campaign was established by The Sunnyside Up Campus Neighborhoods Revitalization Corporation.

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