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Restaurant Road Trip: The Bluebird

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The Bluebird in Clarksburg has transformed over the years, but one thing has stayed the same--its customer appreciation.

"It's good and close," said John Madia, a regular customer at the Bluebird.

"The food is great. We have a selection. we could go anywhere, but I kind of like to do business with the hometown people," said Buzz Barbara Dean, a regular customer at the Bluebird.

The Bluebird has been a hotspot for what seems like forever. The name never changed, but ownership has over the years.

"My uncle used to have it. He took it over and kept the traditions. He kept the traditions alive," Madia said.

"I bought the restaurant from the Lopez family about 16 years ago," said Eric Leaseburg, owner of the Bluebird in Clarksburg.

It's a tradition of good food, good company, and even better prices.

"Always good food. It's like grandma made it; like family, eat with the same people every day. Sit down, shoot the breeze, talk about the game. Lively conversation," Madia said.

"Somewhat of a meeting grounds. They see each other at lunch, talk about their families and what's going on. Then go back to work," Leaseburg said.

The lunch specials at the Bluebird are popular with the regulars.

"You can get out of here for $3 or $4 if you wanted. If you get a lunch special with a drink probably around eight bucks," Leaseburg said.

But the tradition the regulars recognize most is the fried chicken.

"Fried chicken is definitely a favorite. Probably been a staple at the Bluebird for thirty forty years," Leaseburg said.

"It's not too crispy not greasy," Dean said.

"It's the fryer if you want to know the truth. It's all in the machine," Madia said.

"We use a pressure frying process. We use henny penny fryers. It is treated under pressure which allows it to cook very quickly, and it causes it to be way less crispy," Leaseburg said.

But if you want a bite, get in early. Because at the bluebird, the early bird gets the chicken.

"Chicken and the steak definitely go fast. So get in here early," Leaseburg said.

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