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MVB MVP: Morgantown Midfielder Makayla Schmidt

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Hard work definitely pays off. Makayla Schmidt wasn't even a starter on last year's state champion Morgantown High girls soccer team.

Her head coach Ashley Neal admitted Makayla may not even be the best player on this year's squad. She sure is the most important one, though.

"Makayla is the heart of our midfield," Neal said. "She just means a lot. She brings hard work every day to practice. She brings a competitive edge. During the two-mile, I had one girl go out there and heat her time from last year. So what'd she do? She went and beat her by 30 seconds."

The midfielder position in soccer demands high-quality passing and ball handling skills. Even more so than that, you've just got to be fast. Thanks to some good genes, Makayla said she's been able to rise above the rest.

"My Dad was a runner," Schmidt said. "That's all he did pretty much was run. I just got it from him. Of course, I do everything in practice. I do the fitness and I do the outside training."

Coach Neal seems to think there's one other reason for her quickness, and let's just say it's a rather unique form of training.

"She's a dancer," Neal responded. "She gets all of these ballet moves and just a touch on the ball and it looks like she's up on her toes the whole time. That's how fast she is because she's able to be up on her toes because she's a dancer. She does dance and other things. She's really just so agile it just looks so effortless."

Morgantown isn't only the best team in the state, but the 19th ranked team in the nation.

It's certainly lofty praise, but the Mohigans know they have not won anything yet.

"I would hope so," Schmidt said when asked about winning a second straight state championship. "You never know what's going to happen."

With the post season right around the corner, Makayla and her teammates are hoping to be dancing when it's all over.

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