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Randolph County Group Looking to Collect Larger Recyclables

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Randolph Community Programs is providing opportunities for the Elkins community to recycle larger and heavier items.

"The electronics, mostly people drop off to us. And we collect a tractor trailer load a month. That's anything from an extension cord, computer, T. V., microwaves, "said Steve Kerns with Randolph Community Programs.

Steve Kerns said one electronic can make a much bigger impact than even 100 sheets of paper.

"We're going after the stuff that has the most weight, because if you get the weight out of the garbage that's where the savings comes in and you can generate a lot of good for the community out of it," Kerns said.

While you may have more sheets of paper than you do electronics, Kerns said there's an abundance of electronics that are no longer being used, but are still quite valuable.

"The biggest thing is, the public pays for that stuff. ATV that is broken down. All the material that you paid for is just as valuable, if not more valuable now then when you bought it. The copper and things like that. Back 35 years ago and back, everything was made to be reused," Kerns said.

Aside from motivation to get rid of your old electronic purchases and reducing your carbon footprint, Kerns said doing so could be good for not only manufacturers but consumers too.

"National figures show that 60 percent of the cardboard boxes we get when people ship stuff to us now are recycled boxes. So, it saves the manufacturer. It should save the public one of these days. They should get a discount," Kerns said.

For more information on how to recycle your electronics, and other items click here.

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